Benefits of Tax Settlement Services

Typically, a taxpayer either employs a tax relief company to handle the process or prepares and submits the relevant papers directly to the IRS. Because asking for an OIC requires filling out a lot of forms, some of which may be hard to understand for people who don’t know much about taxes, the second option is usually better.

Before the IRS will review your request, you must submit the proper documentation and make the initial payment. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Lump-Sum Offer to settle 20% of the total amount due in cash. If the IRS approves your OIC, you will only have five years to repay the remainder of your obligation.
  • If your OIC recommends that you make monthly payments, you must send a single payment that equals the total amount of the monthly payments.
  • Your application may be rejected if it contains errors or is missing information. If the IRS believes you have sufficient funds to pay your tax due in full, you can anticipate being denied. If you request an OIC from the IRS, they must have a compelling basis to grant it.

Is there any reason to negotiate a tax settlement?

There are numerous advantages to paying your taxes on time. You may be able to avoid or reduce the impact of further collection activities such as tax levies, asset seizures, wage garnishments, and possibly additional fines and interest. Here are some additional reasons why this is a smart idea.

  • You will almost certainly pay a lot less in late taxes, interest, late payment fees, and other penalties than you owe.
  • When all conditions of the agreement have been met, the IRS will not pursue the amount that has been forgiven.
  • After the settlement sum has been paid, there will be no further tax refunds.

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