Hard money lending is a quick and hassle free process

For real estate investors, it is looking for the next big property. Whether they are investing in commercial real estate, flipping houses or even renting, finding the next great property is always a concern. Property investors looking for properties know how important it is to have capital and cash flow. If any of these options go down, it can be a nightmare to get the next property.

For those looking to invest quickly in an investment before it is snatched away by other investors, hard cash loans can be an ace in the hole. For fast-moving investors, these quick loans can be business savers, but they come at a price.

It is quick and easy

We all know that traditional loans take a long time to be approved. It requires an extensive documentation to apply. However, hard money loans allow investors to apply faster and borrow more funds in significantly shorter terms. Timing is critical for real estate investors. Private loans offer several significant advantages over traditional loans. Although hard money loans have many varieties, they all share several characteristics –

  • They are short term (six months to two years)
  • They are most commonly used for residential properties and commercial real estate
  • They are perfect for flip and flops

You can ask for more

When you take out a traditional mortgage, the bank usually requires a down payment of at least 5%. If you want better loan terms, the banks will ask you to lower 20% of the purchase price. However, if you put in less than 20%, you will usually need to purchase insurance, which increases your monthly payments. A hard moneylender will usually be willing to lend you the full amount of the purchase price.

Why cash loan is a good option?

Hard money loans are asset-based loans that are secured on value, not a credit score. For real estate investors, a fixed cash loan is tied to a property, not the investor’s credit. Some hard moneylenders may even tie a hard money loan to the after-repair value of a property. Cash loans are perfect for real estate investors as they can move properties quickly.

Traditional bank loans require a lot of paperwork and long wait times for approvals, not to mention inspections and more. Hard cash loans, based on property value, can approve a loan in 24 hours or less and can even be financed in two days. Hard money loans offer real estate investors flexible options for financing their properties, whether to turn over or rent.






In short

If you have the right real estate investment plan, hard money loan is going to be your best friend. It is a secret tool. You can finance the project as quick as possible. It requires minimum paperwork. Credit score is not an issue if you have the right property value. While not ideal for homeowners, these loans offer short rates and day-to-day financing terms, making them a lifesaver for investments that need a quick injection of income. Hard cash loans can help real estate investors with many different types of investments, whether commercial, or even leased.


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