Why Maid Insurance in Singapore is Important


Oftentimes, a domestic assistant is the one in charge of running the household on a daily basis. In the absence of her, the dishes wouldn’t be washed, the toilets wouldn’t be cleaned, and the children would be allowed to play with hazardous machinery.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a domestic helper or intend to get one in the future if you don’t already have maid insurance. It’s critical to know what sort of coverage you have, how much you’re reimbursed, and what kinds of outpatient costs are covered by your insurance plan.

When it comes to maid insurance, most people don’t realise what it can do for them, which is a shame since it means they won’t know when they may really submit a claim. How much does maid insurance cost? How do you choose which maid insurance coverage is best for your employee’s safety? The maid insurance Singapore is designed for that.

We’ve put up a comprehensive guide to assist you meet your financial commitments while also protecting your domestic helper’s safety.

At various times of the year, maid insurance covers may be acquired at a discount or even for free. On FWD maid insurance, for example, you may receive a 25% discount if you enter the promotional code “MAID25” (valid until 7 March 2022).

Regulations in Singapore regarding maid insurance

Before bringing your domestic helper to Singapore, you must ensure that she has both medical insurance and personal accident insurance, as required by law. You, as the employer, have a responsibility to do this.

No matter which plan you pick from NTUC Maid Insurance or another well-known insurance provider, personal injury coverage up to $60,000 is guaranteed no matter which insurer you choose. It is just like the ci insurance.

It’s important to understand that most maid insurance policies feature a customisable option of extra benefits in addition to the components required by law and those we’ve just gone through. This is a topic that we’ve already discussed.

In Singapore, what precisely is covered by maid insurance?

Insurance for Maid’s Hospitalisation

So just like you wonder why buy travel insurance in Singapore, here is also the same kind of question. Cleaning windows while perched precariously on ledges is a risky job, which is why maid insurance pays for hospitalisation and surgery costs in the event of an accident. A maid insurance policy should be mandatory. Your domestic helper’s medical expenditures may be reimbursed if they get unwell or injured, or if they are taken to the hospital by your employer.

In light of the fact that some employers choose not to send their domestic assistant to the doctor unless they feel it is really necessary because of the high cost of medical bills, this is something that should be considered. Domestic help workers will be able to go to the doctor whenever necessary if their employers know that their insurance would cover the costs of treatment.

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  • The Covid-19 and Repatriation fees may be purchased with a separate add-on.
  • Expenses for medical care are covered by Maid Insurance Essential Personal Accident S$60,000 (per year)
  • S$15,000 Third-Party Liability Cost S$3,000 in excess
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Therapy that takes place outside of a hospital setting is called out

When it comes to maintaining your home, it’s a risky endeavour. How would you feel if one of your assistants was bitten by one of your much-loved animal pets, or if a burn happened to them in the kitchen?

In Singapore, maid insurance should cover not just hospitalisation, but also outpatient surgery and other sorts of care. Even if your housekeeper goes to the hospital’s emergency department but isn’t admitted, the insurance provider may still cover their medical bills.

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