How to Choose the Best Time to Send Money from the USA to India

Sending money from the USA to India has become more prevalent in recent years, with many individuals and businesses making regular transfers. According to a World Bank Report, India was the first country to receive $100 billion in remittances in 2022. The World Bank report also showed that the United States has become the leading country for sending money to India, taking over from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This means that more money is being transferred from the US to India than any other country.

Remitting money to India is essential for NRIs to stay connected with their families and communities, support their loved ones, and invest in their home country.

If you have recently moved to the USA from India, you should ensure that you choose the best time to transfer funds to get the most value for your money. In this article, we will provide tips and insights to help you choose the best time to send money from USA to India

Exchange Rate

Exchange rates play a critical role in determining the amount of money your recipient will receive when you send money from USA to India. 

Moreover, exchange rates can fluctuate rapidly, sometimes within a matter of minutes, affecting the amount of money your recipient will receive. Therefore, monitoring the exchange rates and choosing the best time to send money when the rate is in your favour is crucial.

With Money2India by ICICI Bank, you get the best USD to INR exchange rate, which means you get the total value for every dollar you transfer.

Holidays and Weekends

It would be best not to consider the holidays and weekends when you send money from USA to India. Banks and money transfer services may not process transactions during weekends and public holidays, which could delay your recipient receiving the funds. To avoid such delays, sending money during weekdays when the banks and money transfer operators are open for business is advisable.

Transfer Speed

The transfer speed is another factor you must consider when sending money from the USA to India. Some money transfer services may offer next-day transfers, while others may take up to five business days to transfer funds. If you need to send money urgently, choose a service that provides fast transfer speed, for instance, ICICI Bank’s Money2India remittance service, which transfers your funds on the same day within 3-4 hours. 


When choosing a money transfer service, it is crucial to compare the fees of different operators to find the most affordable option. Some operators may offer lower fees but a higher exchange rate, while others may charge higher fees but offer a better exchange rate. Thus, you need to consider the overall cost of the transaction, including both fees and exchange rates, to find the most affordable option.

When you send money from USA to India through Money2India, you can be assured that you will get maximum savings as they have the lowest transfer fees. There is zero transfer fee if you remit $1,000 or more in a single transaction. 

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