All You Need To Know About ULIP Premiums

ULIP-Unit Linked Insurance Plan is an insurance plan that merges the features of life insurance with investment. It allows policyholders to invest a part of their premium in various funds associated with equity, debt, and gold markets and build wealth over time while ensuring financial security through life coverage. A ULIP premium is a payment made by the policyholder to the insurer for purchasing or continuing a ULIP plan. In this article, you will learn about ULIP premiums and how they work.

What is ULIP Premium?

A ULIP premium is the amount paid by a policyholder to an insurance provider to purchase or renew a ULIP plan. The premium amount is decided based on various factors, including the individual’s age, health condition, and lifestyle choices. It also includes charges such as administrative costs and mortality charges, which are calculated into the total cost of the policy.

The amount paid in premiums determines how much coverage you will receive from your ULIP plan and how much money you can invest. By paying higher premiums, you can get more life cover while enjoying bigger potential returns from your investments.

How Does ULIP Premium Work?

When a policyholder pays their ULIP premium to an insurance provider, a part of it is used for providing life cover. At the same time, the rest gets invested in various equity, debt, or gold funds. The insurer will use the premium amount to purchase units from these funds and allocate them to your ULIP plan.

The number of units you receive depends on the premium amount you pay. For example, if you pay Rs. 10,000 as premiums, you can expect that at least Rs. 7500 will be used to provide life coverage, and the remaining Rs. 2500 will be allocated towards investment funds associated with your ULIP plan.

You can then monitor how your investments are performing and make regular changes or switches between different funds as needed to maximize returns while minimizing risks. Over time, the returns on your investments can help you to build considerable wealth.

Benefits of Investing in ULIP Premiums

ULIP premiums offer several advantages to policyholders. By paying your ULIP premium, you can enjoy life coverage while having control over the investments in your ULIP plan. You can even benefit from tax deductions on the premiums paid and potential returns on investments associated with your ULIP plan.

Some other advantages of investing in ULIP premiums are:

●    Flexibility

You can switch between different funds and adjust the proportion of equity and debt as per your risk appetite.

●    Tax Benefits

Premiums paid towards ULIP plans are eligible for tax deduction under IT Act, Section 80C.

●    Long-Term Investment

ULIP investment plans help you build long-term wealth with the potential for higher returns.

●    Customization

ULIP plans can be customized per your financial goals and objectives.

●    Control

You have control over the funds you invest in and how you manage them.

Primary Factors to Consider Before You Invest in a ULIP Plan

Before investing in a ULIP plan, it is important to consider certain factors. These include the policy term, premium payment options, charges associated with the plan, benefits offered, and the insurer’s reputation. You should also compare different plans from different insurers before making your decision.

ULIP premiums can be a great way to build wealth while ensuring financial security through life coverage. Furthermore, it is important to research and understand how they work before investing in one.

Tax Implications of ULIP Investments

The profits from ULIP investments are taxed following the Indian Income Tax Act. Short-term gains on ULIP investments (those made within three years of holding the policy) are taxable at normal income tax rates, while long-term gains (made after three years of holding the policy) are subject to a 10% tax rate without indexation benefits.

Additionally, premiums paid towards ULIP plans are eligible for a deduction up to Rs. 1,50,000 per annum. This can help you in reducing your overall tax liability and increase your savings.


ULIP premiums can be a great way to grow wealth and ensure financial security. By understanding how they work, you can choose a plan that helps in meeting your financial goals while enjoying bigger potential returns from your investments. However, it is necessary to consider the key factors associated with ULIP plans before investing in one.

Understanding the applicable tax implications of ULIP investments is crucial to maximize savings and minimize tax liabilities. With careful planning and judicious use of ULIP plans, you can benefit from the advantages they offer in the long term.

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